About the Lark Album

This album has been such a long time in the making. The songs have been written over 25 years - half of my life! I’ve never written prolifically (believe it or not). I can only write when something inspires me, perhaps an emotionally charged situation or maybe someone’s striking set of lyrics, so each song here marks a particular point in my slightly eccentric life.

Even the recording and production of the album has taken years. Tim, Guy and myself first got together in about 2002 to work on the songs. The whole process from early creative rehearsal, a few great gigs, to the first live recordings and then onto my arrangements and production, has been done in time taken out from a real life elsewhere. Now seven years later, here is the album. For the first time, among all my musical projects I’m releasing my music the way I wanted it to sound.

I’ve had invaluable support throughout this project. In particular I want to thank:

Tim Heymerdinger (drums) and Guy Jones (bass) for bringing their masterful musicianship and their devotion to this project for the last 7 years; David Wilkinson for enhancing several tracks with his astonishing guitar playing; Katie Buckhaven for her sublime vocals on Moments; Jonathan Presland for his genius poetry on Sweating Cold Minestrone, La Passionara, Giromancing and Lark; Tony Bevan for his brilliant words on Hard Life and Anna Driscoll for her beautiful words on Blue Stone Lane - her legacy; Allan Davies for his iconic artwork (directed by Tim) which perfectly complements the music; Phoenix for photography that shows our souls, and for being my best critic throughout the whole production process; and Nigel O’Neil (Copysound) for sensitively mastering and for his huge support in the packaging of the album.

Steven McDaniel